Studio Information and Policies

The following summarizes information from a more detailed Studio Guidelines and Policies document, which may be sent upon request. 

Age and Level

My preference is to work with children ages 4 and up, though younger children may be considered. While an early start is best effective developmentally, there are important questions to consider as to whether your child is ready for private music lessons, such as:


  • Does your child exhibit a curiosity about music and a desire to learn?

  • Is your child able to follow directions?

  • Is your child able to focus for an extended length of time (at least 15-20 minutes)?


Student and Parent Responsibilities
  • Attend every lesson and group lesson on time, ready to focus and learn.

  • Take detailed notes and videos of lessons notes and practice assignments. 

  • Commit to daily practice and listening at least six days per week.

  • Participate in required group concerts and solo recitals. 

  • Parents: Be a constant source of encouragment, patience and steadfastness. Studying a music instrument is a complex process that involves the gradual attainment of small skills over time. All children will progress at different rates, and at times all children may feel frustrated with the challenges of music study. Parents will best help their children by creating an environment of routine and consistency while exhibiting continual encouragment, enthusiasm, and support. 


Lessons, Recitals, and Tuition

Enrollment in the studio extends for the entire academic year (from Labor Day through Memorial Day). Lessons are held weekly at a set time at Loma Linda Academy. Group classes (for Books 1-4, currently) are held weekly at Loma Linda Academy. Recitals are held biannually in November and May.


Lesson tuition is divided into nine equal monthly installments, with each payment due by the 1st of each month. The first and last installments are due at the first lesson. There are no makeups or refunds for missed lessons. 

Teacher Responsibilities


As your child's teacher, I commit to...


  • Overall excellince in providing high quality instruction in a supportive, nurturing environment.

  • Supporting you, the parent, as the home teacher.

  • Creating challenging but acheiveable short and long-term goals for each student.

  • Discerning the best possible way to communicate and teach effectively to each student. No two students learn and progress alike.